When an individual property owner who owns property on a street which has not been accepted by the Town and who wishes to have that street opened and improved, but has been unsuccessful in obtaining a proper petition in accordance with § 100.23, that property owner may directly petition the Town Council.  If after an investigation of the facts of the case, the Town Council finds that the opening of this street meets the other requirements of this subchapter and its opening would be in the public interest, the Council may order that the street be opened.  Any street which is offered for dedication after October 14, 1975 shall be opened in accordance with Town standards and shall include paving and the provision of curbs, gutters, and necessary storm drains.  The Town shall assess the total cost of the curbs, gutters, and necessary storm drains against the abutting property owners with the Town bearing the cost of paving.  If a street was offered for dedication and used as a public street before October 15, 1975; and building, plumbing, or electrical permits have been issued on the street or part thereof; and the street provides adequate right-of-way, or adjacent property owners grant adequate additional right-of-way; then the Town may accept the street for maintenance.
(1989 Code, § 100.14)  (Ord. passed 10-14-1975; Am. Ord. 227, passed 5-14-1991)