No street or part of a street which is offered for dedication after October 14, 1975 shall be considered for acceptance by the Town as a public street unless and until a plat of the street is submitted to the Director of Public Services for preliminary approval. The plat submitted for approval shall be on a scale not less than 200 feet to an inch and shall show the accurate location of street boundary lines, ownership of adjacent properties, watercourses, adjacent and intersecting streets, and other information as the Town Manager may require.  Plats shall be required for existing streets, street extensions, new streets, or parts thereof. No separate plats shall be required for streets only, if the streets are to be located in a proposed subdivision where a plat for the entire subdivision has been approved by the Town Council.
(1989 Code, § 100.11)  (Ord. passed 10-14-1975; Am. Ord. 227, passed 5-14-1991)