(A)   The Code Enforcement Officer, upon notice from any person of the possible existence of any of the conditions described in § 90.016, shall cause to be made by the appropriate County Health Department official or Town official, the investigation as may be necessary to determine whether conditions exist which may constitute a public nuisance as defined in § 90.001 and as declared in § 90.016.
   (B)   If it appears that the conditions exist, the Code Enforcement Officer shall cause to be delivered or mailed to the owner of the property upon which the conditions exist a notice stating the reasons why the conditions may constitute a violation and that a hearing will be held before the Code Enforcement Officer at a place and time therein fixed, not less than 10 nor more than 30 days after the delivery or mailing of the notice.  The owner or any party in interest shall have the right to file an answer to the notice, appear in person or otherwise, and give evidence at the place and time fixed in the notice.  Any persons desiring to do so may attend the hearing and give evidence relevant to the matter heard.  The rules of evidence prevailing in courts of law or equity shall not be controlling in the hearings.
(1989 Code, § 90.12)  (Ord. passed 12-14-1982)