The fee structure shall be adjusted annually based on the U.S. Department of Labor, Consumer Price Index (CPI). This calculation will be done yearly at the time the application period starts. Each fee shall be calculated and adjusted separately. The calculation will be cumulative each year but adjustments to the fees contained herein will only be made in increments of $5 and rounded down to the nearest $5, except for mileage and accident cleanup fees which will be rounded down to the nearest $1.  Yearly adjusted rates, subsequent to the year 2007, will be contained within the Police Department towing license agreement. As a condition of being a licensee in the program, licensees shall provide towing services, without charge to the village, where towing services are necessary for evidentiary purposes or seizure purposes. No licensee shall impose any fee not specifically provided for below for any tow performed pursuant to a police towing license.
   (A)   The following schedule of maximum fees shall be in effect for the year January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022, for all tows performed pursuant to the police towing license:
Service Description
2022 Rates
Service Description
2022 Rates
Towing rates (conventional or flatbed tow truck):
Accident cleanup (all accidents)
After hours release
$50 per occasion
Cleanup of spilled cargo (per 1/4 hour after first 1/4 hour)
Heavy duty vehicle tow
Light duty vehicle tow
Medium duty vehicle tow
Service call (lockout, vehicle starting, tire changing, vehicle out of gas)
Winching/uprighting vehicle (in addition to the service call fee or applicable tow fee)
Within village limits or to the storage facility designated on the licensee’s application
No charge
Outside village limits when not going to the storage facility designated on the licensee’s application:
Light duty vehicles
$2 per mile
Medium duty vehicles
$3 per mile
Heavy duty vehicles
$5 per mile
Standby (per hour, maximum 2 hour standby):
Light duty tow (per truck)
Medium duty tow (per truck)
Heavy duty (per truck)
Storage (per vehicle, no charge for first day):
Light duty
$35 per day
Medium duty
$40 per day
Heavy duty
$ 55 per day
   (B)   Charges for license tow services shall be on invoice forms provided by the village, which shall include the rate structure currently in effect.  A copy of the completed invoice shall be provided to the Police Department and the owner of the vehicle serviced.
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