(A)   The Police Department will maintain three police towing licensee lists, as follows:
      (1)   Light duty.
      (2)   Medium duty.
      (3)   Heavy duty.
   (B)   The Police Department will ensure that licensees are called in rotation as far as is reasonable and practicable. Except upon request of the owner, operator or person legitimately in possession of the vehicle to be serviced, the Police Department will not call any tow truck not on the police towing licensee list unless all such licensees are unavailable.
   (C)   The Police Department may deviate from the order of normal rotation if, in the Police Department's judgment, deviation is necessary to protect the public health, safety, and/or welfare or to ensure proper traffic, incident, or accident management. The Police Department may also deviate from the order of normal rotation if the licensee next on rotation is, in the Police Department's sole discretion and judgment, incapable or improperly equipped for handling a specific task.
   (D)   If a licensee is unable to respond to a request for service within the time frames required in the towing license agreement, the licensee or their employee shall advise the Police Department that they are not available due to an extended response time. The licensee will then be placed at the bottom of the list. No substitute tow company or licensee will be allowed. The police telecommunicator will then call the next licensee on the list.
   (E)   When a request for service is canceled after being dispatched off the police towing licensee list, the licensee will be put back at the top of the list.
   (F)   The village reserves the right to terminate or modify its license procedure unilaterally at any time without any notice and without recourse.
(Ord. 2007-41, passed 7-16-07)