Unless otherwise agreed, the applicant shall be responsible for payment of the estimated cost of village services required for the special event—including but not limited to reasonable personnel costs attributable to the special event—and shall pay said amount two weeks prior to the event. After a special event is over, the village shall issue the applicant a bill for the balance of any additional costs incurred by the village and for any damage caused to public property. The applicant shall be responsible for payment of said bill in full within the time frame specified on the bill. ln the event that such payment is not made in full in a timely manner, the Village Attorney may be requested by the Village Administrator to take or direct the necessary legal action to obtain such payment. The reasonable costs and attorney's fees resulting from such action may be added to the amount due and owed by the applicant. Failure to timely pay bills for chargeback services may result in denial of future permits to the applicant or the applicant's organization.
(Ord. 2022-08, passed 2-7-22)