(A)   A special event permit application shall be available on the village's website and at the Village Clerk's Office. The application shall include requirements for issuance of a special event permit, including but not limited to those listed in herein. ln addition to the requirements set forth in this Code and as set in the special event permit application, events may be subject to additional conditions or restrictions deemed necessary and appropriate by the village. The special event application shall consolidate applications for licenses and permits that may be needed for such event, including but not limited to temporary signage; fireworks; raffles; and liquor license. Each shall be applied for and considered separately as provided by this Code. The requirements and fees for issuance of each such permit or license shall remain as otherwise provided for in the Code.
   (B)   Submission of special event application.
      (1)   All applications shall be accurately and completely filled out prior to submission.
      (2)   All applications for a special event permit shall be submitted to the village's Special Events Coordinator a minimum of 120 days prior to the proposed event. Applications submitted late will be considered on a case by case basis, but may be rejected for untimeliness and logistical concerns. An individual or entity submitting an application for a special event must be vested with the legal authority to bind the applicant and may be requested to supply evidence to that effect. Said individual or representative shall certify and swear to the accuracy of all statements and information contained in the application; that the applicant is qualified in all respects to receive the permits applied for; and a hold harmless, defense and indemnification agreement is required.
      (3)   The Special Events Team, comprised of representatives of various village departments and community partners, led by the Special Events Coordinator, shall review applications for proposed special events and submit recommendations to the Village President and Board regarding such events and any requirements or conditions therefore.
      (4)   Notification of a special event to residents and businesses. An applicant for a special event permit shall, at its cost, provide written notification of the proposed event, including a narrative summary of the event, to residents and businesses which may be affected by such event. The Special Events Coordinator shall review and approve the narrative and the scope of notice proposed by the applicant. Such notice shall be provided not less than two weeks, and not more than four weeks, prior to the event.
   (C)   Promotion of village amenities. Recognizing the importance of incorporating and promoting positive local economic impact as part of special events within the village, the applicant may be asked to contact and work with the Elgin Area Convention and Visitors Bureau and similar organizations in a good faith manner in order to encourage and facilitate overnight accommodations and use of other community amenities within the village for the event.
   (D)   Village Board/Liquor Commission consideration. The Special Events Coordinator shall submit a request for a special event permit and any accompanying requests for liquor permits to the Village Board and Liquor Commission for review and consideration. The Village Board, taking into consideration whether the event is to be held for a lawful purpose, whether there is a reasonable basis to believe that it will tend to cause a breach of the peace or unduly interfere with the public use of public right-of-way or other public property, or whether it will unduly interfere with the peace and quiet of the residents of the village, may approve the permit, deny the permit, or approve the permit subject to such conditions or restrictions as it deems appropriate.
   (E)   Issuance of special event permit.
      (1)   The village shall issue a special event permit after it has been approved as set forth herein and after the Special Events Coordinator is in timely receipt of the following items, as applicable:
         (a)   A completed special event permit application, signed and notarized, together with the non-refundable application review fee of $50;
         (b)   All other required fees;
         (c)   A certificate of insurance and additional insured endorsements in a form and in amounts approved by the village, naming the village and its officers, agents, employees and representatives as additional insureds;
         (d)   A copy of a temporary liquor license issued by the village's Liquor Commissioner, if applicable; and
         (e)   Any other information or documentation deemed necessary or appropriate.
      (2)   All supplemental permits or licenses needed for the special event, other than a liquor license if applicable, shall be included in the issuance of the special event permit if the applicant has paid the required fees and otherwise complied with the requirements for each such supplemental permit or license.
      (3)   All special events permitted under this chapter shall post signs, clearly and conspicuously, at all entrance(s) to the special event in conformity with the Firearm Concealed Carry Act, ILCS Ch. 430, Act 66, §§ 65 et seq., as amended from time to time.
(Ord. 2022-08, passed 2-7-22)