The Local Liquor Control Commissioner shall have the following powers and duties, with respect to licenses:
   (A)   To review, investigate and approve applications for retail liquor dealers licenses.
   (B)   To keep or cause to be kept a complete record of all licenses issued by him or the Local Commission, and shall furnish the Clerk, Treasurer and Chief of Police with a copy thereof. Upon the issuance of any new license, or the revocation of any old license, the Local Liquor Control Commissioner shall give written notice of such action to each of said officers.
   (C)   To grant and/or suspend for not more than 30 days or revoke for cause, all local licenses issued to persons or entities for premises within the village. In case of revocation a written notice shall be given to the licensee whose license has been revoked. All notices provided for in this section shall be given 48 hours from the time of any such action or actions. Notice shall also be given to the Illinois Liquor Commission of the revocation of any and all such licenses.
   (D)   To enter or to authorize any law-enforcing officer to enter, at any time, upon the premises licensed hereunder to determine whether any of the provisions of the state law or village ordinance or any rules or regulations adopted by the village or by the Illinois Liquor Control Commissioner, have been or are being violated, and at such time to examine the premises of the licensee in connection therewith.
   (E)   To receive complaints from any citizen within the village that any provisions of the state law or of this chapter have been or are being violated and to act upon such complaints in the manner provided by law.
   (F)   To receive local license fees and pay the same to the Village Treasurer.
   (G)   To examine or cause to be examined, under oath, any applicant for a local license or for a renewal thereof, or any license upon whom notice of revocation or suspension has been served, or any licensee against whom a citation proceeding has been instituted by the State of Illinois Liquor Control Commission; to examine or cause to be examined the books and records of any such applicant or licensee, and to hear testimony and take evidence for his information in the performance of his duties, and for such purposes to issue subpoenas which shall be effective in any part of this state. For the purposes of obtaining any of the information desired by the Local Liquor Control Commissioner, he may authorize an agent to act on his behalf.
(Ord. 2019-39, passed 11-4-19)