In premises upon which the sale of alcoholic liquor for consumption upon the premises is licensed, no screen, blind, curtain, partition, article, arrangement of lights, lighting, or other thing shall be permitted in the windows or upon the doors of such licensed premises, nor inside nor outside such premises, which shall prevent a police officer or firefighter from having a clear view at all times from the street, road or sidewalk into the interior of such licensed premises where the alcohol is sold, served or consumed. Windows and doors not facing or fronting the street may contain signs, soundproofing, or other items; provided that a police officer or firefighter is still reasonably able to see through some part of the windows or doors into the interior of the premises. All rooms in which liquor is sold, served or consumed shall be continuously lighted during business hours by natural light or artificial white light so that all parts of the interior of the premises shall be clearly visible. In case the view into any such premises required by the foregoing provisions shall be wilfully obscured by the licensee, or by him or her wilfully suffered to be obscured or in any manner obstructed, then such licensee shall be subject to discipline in the manner herein provided. In order to enforce the provisions of this section, the Local Liquor Control Commissioner shall have the right to require the filing with him or her of plans, drawings and photographs showing the clearance of the view as above required.
(Ord. 2019-39, passed 11-4-19)