The Municipal Clerk’s general duties shall include:
   (A)   Be the general accountant for the town;
   (B)   Attend all meetings of the Town Council;
   (C)   Take and maintain all official minutes of Council meetings and record in a defined manner;
   (D)   Provide Council with all communications addressed to it through the Municipal Clerk;
   (E)   Have charge of and be responsible for the preservation of all papers, records and documents of every description pertaining to the town;
   (F)   Be the custodian of the official town seal;
   (G)   Issue all notices, personal and general, that the interest, convenience, laws and orders of the town require in the administration of its government;
   (H)   Communicate to the Council all information the Clerk may acquire that may contribute to the efficiency of the government and the welfare of the people;
   (I)   Collect all taxes, fines, fees and licenses, and pay all legal checks drawn upon the town;
   (J)   Receive and provide receipt for all revenues of the town from all sources;
   (K)   Provide a monthly financial statement to the Council and any other information as may be requested by the Council;
   (L)   Sign and attest all ordinances, deeds, contracts and other documents as directed; and
   (M)   Perform all duties that are now or may hereafter be required by Council or state law.
(Ord. passed 7-16-2013; Am. Ord. 2016-01, passed 6-23-2016)