The Town Administrator shall be responsible to Town Council for the proper administration of the policies and affairs of the town, and to that end shall have the power and authority and be required to:
   (A)   Direct, supervise and coordinate administrative activities and operations;
   (B)   Make recommendations to Town Council regarding the appointment of department heads;
   (C)   Make recommendations to Town Council regarding the appointment of other town employees;
   (D)   Make recommendations to Town Council to suspend or dismiss department heads.  Suspend and dismiss department heads with approval from Town Council;
   (E)   Make recommendations to Town Council to suspend or dismiss other employees.  Suspend and dismiss other employees with approval from Town Council;
   (F)   Prepare and submit an annual operating budget and capital program to Town Council for its consideration and approval;
   (G)   Have responsibility for the administration of the annual operating budget after its adoption;
   (H)   Prepare and update a capital improvement program and budget for six (6) months, two (2) years, five (5) years and ten (10) years;
   (I)   Recommend and administer personnel policies, classification, compensation and evaluations for all employees;
   (J)   Monitor the financial condition of the town and estimate present and future financial needs;
   (K)   Prepare a quarterly analysis on personnel and administrative activities;
   (L)   Prepare a quarterly analysis on the financial position of the town;
   (M)   Recommend, as necessary, to combine or consolidate job positions within departments to maximize manpower utilization and efficiency;
   (N)   Recommend and administer policies governing purchasing procedures and inventory control;
   (O)   Authorize the purchase of services, materials, supplies and equipment that do not require the taking of bids, provided such items are appropriated in the town’s various fund accounts;
   (P)   Authorize shifts in departmental budget line items, provided overall departmental budgetappropriations do not change, with approval of the Mayor and Council;
   (Q)   Investigate complaints concerning administrative matters and personnel performance with the heads of departments;
   (R)   Prepare and submit to the Mayor and Council, at the end of each fiscal year, a complete annual report of the finances and administrative activities of the town;
   (S)   May, with the approval of Town Council, delegate to other administrative officers, subject to his or her direction and supervision, the authority to exercise specified duties and responsibilities as may be considered appropriate;
   (T)   Provide Town Council with information, guidance and leadership in matters of policy determination;
   (U)   Actively investigate the opportunities and position of the town in relation to grants, state and county-shared services and resources, and prepare the necessary documents upon approval of Town Council;
   (V)   Such other duties as Town Council sees fit to assign to the Town Administrator or as required by state law.
(Ord. 2016-01, passed 6-23-2016)