A.   Districts Established: The general categories of districts established by this title, the individual districts, and the symbols used to represent said districts, are as follows:
   Agricultural Districts:
      AG Agriculture
   Residential Districts:
      R-1/E-1 Single-Family Residential
      DR Design Residential
      PRD Planned Residential Development
   Commercial Districts:
      TRC Tourist Commercial
      C-2 Retail Commercial
      C-3 General Commercial
      PO Professional Office
   Institutional Districts:
      I Institutional
   Industrial Districts:
      M Light Industrial
   Other Districts:
      REC Recreation
      RES Resource Management
      MHP Mobile Home Park
The regulations of this title shall be applied to land upon the adoption of zoning ordinances with zoning maps adopted in subsection B of this section. The boundaries of the districts and the district symbols are delineated on the zoning maps in said zoning ordinances. The district regulations corresponding to the symbol so shown shall apply within district areas delineated on said zoning maps. (Ord. 90-112, 7-23-1990)
   B.   Adoption Of New Provisions And Map: Zoning ordinances and maps delineating the boundaries of districts set forth in this title and designating, by symbols, the zoning districts shall become a part of this section and shall have the same force and effect as if the provisions, boundaries, location and lines of the districts and territory therein delineated and all provisions, notations, references and other information set forth in said ordinances and set forth and shown on said maps were specifically and fully set out and described in this section. (Ord. 90-112, 7-23-1990; amd. 2001 Code)
   C.   Existing Zoning Ordinance And Development Plans: All the sections of zoning ordinances previously adopted which added development plans and district text provisions applicable to specific property by amendments to article III of title 35, zoning of the Santa Barbara County Code (and its predecessor ordinances) by development plans and precise plans adopted thereto, whether adopted by the county or by the city subsequent to its incorporation, are hereby incorporated by reference into this section and shall have the same force and effect as if the provisions of said plans were specifically and fully set out in this section. (Ord. 90-112, 7-23-1990)