11-2-2: PURPOSE:
The purpose of these regulations is to implement the adopted general plan of the city. This title classifies and regulates the uses of land, buildings and structures within the city, and is adopted to protect and to promote the public health, safety, comfort, convenience, prosperity and general welfare. More specifically the purpose of this title is to:
   A.   Provide a guide for orderly growth and development of the city.
   B.   Encourage the most appropriate uses of land.
   C.   Maintain and protect the value of property.
   D.   Conserve and protect the natural resources of the city.
   E.   Prevent overcrowding of land and avoid undue concentration of population.
   F.   Protect the character and stability (social and economic) of agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial areas.
   G.   Create a comprehensive and stable pattern of land uses upon which to plan transportation, water supply, sewerage and other facilities and public utilities. (Ord. 90-112, 7-23-1990)