A. Purpose And Intent: The purpose of this section is to set forth the minimum requirements for providing notice of a public hearing.
B. Notice Of Public Hearing: For all projects that require a noticed public hearing, notice of the time and place of said hearing shall be given at least ten (10) calendar days before the hearing in the following manner unless specifically stated otherwise in this title:
1. Notice shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the city, and circulated in the area affected by the project.
2. Notice shall be mailed to any person who has filed a written request therefor and has supplied the city with self-addressed, stamped envelopes.
3. Notice shall be mailed to the applicants.
4. Notice shall be mailed to the owners of the affected property and the owners of the property within three hundred feet (300') of the exterior boundaries of the affected property. The names and addresses used for such notice shall be those appearing on the equalized city assessment roll, as updated from time to time. (Ord. 90-112, 7-23-1990)
5. Additional Noticing Methods. The City may also require public noticing in any manner it deems necessary or desirable, including, but not limited to, posted noticing on project site.
C. Large Family Childcare Permits: For large family childcare permits, not fewer than ten (10) days prior to the date on which the decision will be made on the application, the planning and community development director shall give notice of the proposed use by mail or delivery to all owners shown on the last equalized assessment roll as owning real property within a one hundred foot (100') radius of the exterior boundaries of the proposed large family daycare home. No hearing on the application for a permit issued pursuant to this subsection shall be held before a decision is made unless a hearing is requested by the applicant or other affected person. (Ord. 07-272, 11-13-2007, eff. 12-13-2007)
D. Contents Of Notice: The notice shall contain the following information:
1. The date of filing of the application and the name of the applicant.
2. The planning/community development director number assigned to the application.
3. A description of the project and its location.
4. The place, date and general time of the hearing.
5. The procedure for the submission of public comments in writing before the hearing.
6. The procedure for public comments at the hearing. (Ord. 90-112, 7-23-1990)