Council shall fix the salary or compensation of each officer, employee or member of any board or commission of the City. Any such person may be required by the Council from time to time, to furnish a bond or bonds for the faithful performance of his or her duties, and the Council may provide that the premium for any such bond shall be paid by the City. The compensation of each member of the Council shall be fixed at least 120 days prior to their election for the terms beginning on the next succeeding first day of December, and shall not thereafter be changed in respect to any such terms or part thereof, except that the compensation of members of Council for the unexpired portion of their four-year terms shall be changed to correspond to the compensation fixed for members of Council commencing new four-year terms, so that a uniform rate of compensation will be paid to all members of Council. The compensation of each other officer, employee and any member of a board or commission of the City shall be fixed by Council and, subject to the power of Council to provide otherwise by ordinance or resolution, may be changed at any time at its discretion. Council may authorize the payment or reimbursement of expenses incurred by any officer or employee of the City or by any member of any board or commission of the City in trips taken in the interest of the City. (Approved by voters 11-8-1988)