It is unlawful to permit a dangerous or vicious animal of any kind to run at large within the town limits. Any such animals may be immediately impounded.
   A.   Complaints: Upon complaint of any person, and after notice to the owner and a civil hearing, the town magistrate may determine that an animal is dangerous or vicious and order one or more of the following:
      1.   The destruction of said animal;
      2.   That such animal be confined within a building or secure enclosure;
      3.   That such animal be securely muzzled or caged at all times.
   B.   Destruction: The animal control officer is authorized to destroy any dangerous animal of any kind, upon an order from the town magistrate, or when it is necessary for the protection of any person or property, when in their judgment the animal is:
      1.   Dangerous or vicious; and
      2.   Cannot be safely impounded. (Ord. 119, 2-25-1997)