As used in this Chapter and Article 5-2A of this Title:
ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER: The Animal Control Officer of the Town, his designee or any peace officer responsible for the enforcement of this Chapter.
ANIMAL OR ANIMALS: Horses, mules, burros, cattle, goats, sheep, cats, swine, llamas, ostriches, emus or other livestock, poultry or any other animal that is susceptible to rabies, except dogs.
AT LARGE: Off the premises of the owner or not under the control of the owner, or other persons acting for or on behalf of the owner.
COLLAR: A band, chain, harness or suitable device worn around the neck of the dog to which a license may be affixed.
CONTROL OF OWNER: An owner or person responsible for the animal has immediate verbal control or actual physical control of said animal.
DANGEROUS OR VICIOUS: An animal or dog which has a propensity to attack, to cause injury or otherwise endanger the safety of human beings without provocation or which has been found to be a vicious animal by a court of competent authority, which bites, inflicts physical injury on or attacks a human being, or constitutes a physical threat to other animals.
DOG: A member of the "canis familiaris" family.
OWNER: Any person owning, keeping, possessing, harboring or maintaining a dog or an animal.
POUND: Any establishment authorized by the Town for the confinement, maintenance, safekeeping and control of dogs that come into custody of the Animal Control Officer.
REPEATEDLY: More than three (3) times in any thirty (30) day period.
VACCINATION: An anti-rabies vaccination using a type of vaccine approved by the State Veterinarian.
WILD ANIMAL: An animal of a wild nature or disposition. (Ord. 119, 2-25-1997)