4-1-3: FIRE CHIEF:
   A.   Appointment: The chief of the fire department shall be appointed by the town manager and serve at the pleasure of the town manager. (Ord. 05-253, 7-26-2005)
   B.   Duties: It shall be the duty of the fire chief to:
      1.   Accountable For Department: Be accountable only to the mayor, town council and town manager for the management, personnel, morale and general efficiency of the fire department.
      2.   Direct Operations: Direct the operations of the fire department, subject to the rules and regulations thereof; provided, that the fire chief shall formulate such rules and regulations subject to the approval of the town council.
      3.   Authority At Fire: Be present at all fires, if possible, and plan and direct the extinguishment thereof. During the progress of a fire, the authority of the fire chief shall be absolute in all matters directly concerning the extinguishment of the fire and disposition of the property endangered by it.
      4.   Drills And Instruction: Conduct suitable drills or instruction at least once every two (2) months in the operation and handling of equipment, first aid and rescue work, salvage, a study of buildings in the town, water supplies, and all other matters generally considered essential to good firemanship and safety of life and property endangered by it.
      5.   Arson Investigation: Assist the proper authorities in suppressing the crime of arson by investigating or causing to be investigated the cause, origin and circumstances of all fires.
      6.   Building Inspection: Inspect buildings and premises and serve written notice upon the owner or occupant to abate, within a specified time, any and all fire hazards that may be found. For the purpose of conducting such inspection, the fire chief is hereby empowered to enter any and all buildings and premises within the town at any reasonable hour. Any person served with such written notice shall comply and notify the fire chief of his compliance within a reasonable time.
      7.   Maintain Records: Keep complete records of all fires, inspections, apparatus and equipment, personnel and other information about the work of the fire department open to town council inspection and furnish to the town council such information upon request.
      8.   Annual Report To Council: Make a complete annual report, in writing, to the town council within one month after the close of the fiscal year. Such report shall include the information specified in subsection B7 of this section, together with comparative data for previous years and recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the fire department.
      9.   Enforce Fire Safety Laws: Enforce or cause to be enforced all ordinances, laws and regulations of the town and state, insofar as they pertain to fire and safety.
      10.   Dismissal Of Officers: Demote, dismiss or expel any officer or member of the fire department for neglect or refusal to perform departmental duties, subject to the right of any members so demoted, dismissed or expelled to appeal to the town council. (1986 Code § 4-2-4)
   C.   Disobedience Unlawful: It is unlawful for any person to refuse to obey an order issued by the fire chief pursuant to his authority. (1986 Code § 4-2-11)