A.   General Provisions: To reduce the impacts on adjacent uses which are of a different type, buffers and screening will be required. The property owner is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of screening in accordance with the requirements of this Section unless the abutting use has already provided said buffering in compliance with the standards of this Section.
   B.   Requirements:
      1.   A buffer consists of a horizontal distance from the main buildings of proposed use to the property line.
      2.   Within the buffer areas, screening is required and may consist of any of the following:
         a.   At least one row of deciduous or evergreen trees or a mixture of each and spaced not more than fifteen feet (15') apart, and at least one row of evergreen shrubs spaced not more than five feet (5') apart which will grow to form a continuous hedge at least five feet (5') in height within one year of planting; lawn, low-growing evergreen shrubs, evergreen ground cover or vegetable of rock mulch covering the balance of the property.
         b.   In lieu of these stands, and at his option, the owner may prepare a detailed plan and specifications for landscaping and screening, including plantings, fences, walls, walks and other features designed to afford the decree of desired buffering. Such plan and specifications shall be submitted to the Town Engineer for review and approval.
      3.   The buffer distance shall be forty feet (40') from property line.
      4.   An adequate buffering plan shall be considered as mitigating the five (5) acre requirement of subsection 12-1-5G1 of this Chapter. (Ord. 108, 3-8-1994)