A.   Specified: The Planning and Zoning Commission shall make investigations and reports on the design and improvement of proposed subdivisions, and, subject to the provisions of this Title, shall recommend to the Town Council proposed maps of subdivisions prepared and filed according to this Title, to designate the kinds, nature and extent of the improvements to be installed in subdivisions and shall report directly to the subdivider or owner, the action taken on the tentative maps. The Planning and Zoning Commission shall then recommend its action to the Town Council, who shall give its final recommendation of the preliminary subdivision plat. (1986 Code § 13-1-2)
   B.   Advisors: There are professionals to act in an advisory capacity to the Planning and Zoning Commission, and such advisors may consist of the following members: a registered professional engineer as situations may require, Town Public Works Director, County public health officials, County Assessor, Town Attorney and other agencies and authorities or other professional advisors as may be necessary. The advisors shall meet as the matters to be considered by each may be required. (1986 Code § 13-1-3)