A.   Title: These regulations shall be shall be known as the TOWN OF SNOWFLAKE ZONING ORDINANCE, may be cited as such, and will be referred to herein as "this Ordinance".
   B.   Purpose: The purpose of this Ordinance is to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the Town by guiding, controlling, and regulating the design, location, use, and occupancy of buildings and property.
   C.   Scope: Except for work related to the provision of essential public services, or work located primarily in a public way, or as otherwise provided herein, no land may be divided, no structure shall hereafter be used, erected, constructed, reconstructed, moved, or structurally altered, repaired, or improved, nor shall any land be used, except in conformity with this Ordinance, and before any such activity is undertaken, a zoning clearance must be obtained from the Town. Further, no person shall divert, retard, or obstruct the flow of waters in any watercourse whenever it creates a hazard to life or property without first securing a zoning clearance.
      1.   Any use changed or altered in any significant manner, substantially decreased in production, or terminated or removed for a period exceeding six (6) months, will be required to submit a new site plan prior to restarting, or resuming full production.
      2.   Every application for a zoning clearance must be accompanied by a sketch draft, or scaled drawn site plan as required by this Ordinance or the Town Manager. All Town departments, officials and employees charged with the duty or authority to issue permits or licenses shall refuse to issue permits or licenses affecting land or structures in conflict with any provision of this Ordinance. Any permit issued in conflict with any provision of this Ordinance is null and void.
   D.   Internal Inconsistencies: Where, in any specific case, different sections of this Ordinance or any other Town ordinance or Code specify different requirements, the more restrictive shall govern. Where there is a conflict between a general requirement and a specific requirement, the specific requirement shall apply. (Ord. 132, 6-10-1997)