8-1-10: LIABILITY:
   A.   Interruption Of Service; Notification: The Town shall notify the consumer in advance of any anticipated interruption of service when such advance notice is possible. The Town shall not be responsible for any interruption of water service caused by forces beyond its control. (1986 Code § 16-8-1)
   B.   Liability Limited: No liability shall attach to the Town for any injury or damages that may result from turning on or shutting off the water in any main, service connection or pipe; or the restriction of use or discontinuance of any water service, or any failure of the water supply, regardless of any notice or lack of notice thereof. The Town shall not be held liable, in any respect, for the condition, defects, failure or use of any pipe, connection, fixture or appurtenance, not belonging to the Town, on any premises, or for loss or damage resulting therefrom. (1986 Code § 16-8-2)