A.   Notice Required: Any person who desires to discontinue the use of water shall file written notice with the Billing Clerk at least three (3) working days in advance of intended termination of service. Responsibility for water consumed extends to the time of departure or to the time specified for departure, whichever occurs last. (1986 Code § 16-4-1; 1997 Code)
   B.   Discontinuance Under Certain Conditions: The Town may discontinue water service under any of the following conditions:
      1.   To prevent fraud or abuse.
      2.   Disregard of Town rules pertaining to water service.
      3.   Emergency repairs.
      4.   Insufficient supply caused by factors outside the control of the Town.
      5.   Legal process.
      6.   Direction of public authorities.
      7.   Local emergency requiring emergency measures. (1986 Code § 16-4-2)
      8.   Tampering with any part of the distribution system, including the meter, by the consumer. (1986 Code § 16-4-2; 1997 Code)
      9.   Nonpayment of bill as provided in subsection 8-1-5C of this Chapter. (1986 Code § 16-4-2)