A.   Water Facilities: The consumer shall have complete responsibility for the installation and maintenance of adequate water facilities on the premises, and the Town shall not in any way be responsible for the installation, maintenance, inspection or damage of such facilities or damage caused by any defect in such facilities on the consumer's premises. Such facilities shall be maintained by the consumer in full compliance with any and all rules and regulations of the Town in addition to applicable State statutes. (1986 Code § 16-7-1)
   B.   Damage To System; Injury To Employees: Any damage to the Town water system or injury to Town employees caused by the negligence of any consumer and which requires any repairs, replacements or damages, the cost of such shall be added to that consumer's bill, and if such charges are not paid, water service may be discontinued. (1986 Code § 16-7-2)
   C.   Right Of Way: Each consumer shall provide to the Town such easement and right of way as is necessary to provide water service to that consumer. (1986 Code § 16-7-3)
   D.   Installation Of Lines: The Town may refuse to provide service unless the lines or piping are installed on the premises so as to prevent cross-connections or backflow 1 . (1986 Code § 16-7-4)
   E.   Protection Of Town Property: The consumer shall guarantee proper protection for Town property placed on his premises and shall permit access to it only to authorized representatives of the Town. (1986 Code § 16-7-5)
   F.   Prohibited Uses:
      1.   Supplying Water To Other Persons: No occupant or owner of any building into which water is introduced will be allowed to supply water to other persons or families or for use on any other property. The Town reserves the right to shut off the supply for abuses of water privileges.
      2.   Commercial Use Separate: Any water service for commercial use shall not be included in a residential service account and shall have a separate meter and connection. (1986 Code § 16-7-6)
      3.   Digging Streets Without Permit: It is unlawful for any person to dig up or cause to be dug up any street or alley in the Town for the purpose of connection with the water system of the Town without first obtaining a permit from the Water Department.
      4.   Tampering With Equipment: No person shall maliciously, wilfully or negligently break, damage, destroy, uncover, deface or tamper with any structure, appurtenance or equipment which is part of the Town water system. (1997 Code)
   G.   Sprinkling Restrictions:
      1.   Water Shortage: In case of water shortage or scarcity, the Town Council may, by resolution, place any restrictions which it deems necessary upon the use of water for irrigation or sprinkling purposes.
      2.   System Construction: Sprinkler systems must be constructed or equipped so as to prevent contaminated water from flowing back into the sprinkler system. (1986 Code § 16-7-7)
   H.   Waste Of Water: Consumers shall prevent unnecessary waste of water and keep all water outlets closed when not in actual use. All water outlets, including those used in conjunction with hydrants, urinals, water closets, bathtubs and other fixtures, must not be left running for any purpose other than the use for which they were intended. In addition to the penalty provided herein for Code violations, the water supply may be turned off where any such waste occurs. (1986 Code § 16-7-8)



1. See Chapter 3 of this Title.