A.   Rates Set By Resolution: The Town Council shall, by resolution, determine water rates for consumers both inside and outside the Town limits. (1986 Code § 16-5-1)
   B.   Minimum Rate: Service for a time period less than a month shall be charged at the minimum monthly rate, plus any additional charge for usage above the minimum charge usage. (1986 Code § 16-5-2)
   C.   Water Bills:
      1.   Meter Reading; Due Date: Water meters shall be read on the twentieth day of each month, as nearly as possible, and a separate bill shall be rendered for each meter and mailed on or near the first day of each succeeding month. All water bills shall be due on or before the twentieth day of the month following the reading of the meter. The Town reserves the right to vary the dates or length of billing period, temporarily or permanently, if necessary or desirable.
      2.   Nonpayment: If a monthly bill is still unpaid one month after consumption, the water meter may be disconnected and the customer's account may be closed by deducting from the customer's deposit the total amount of the bill, up to the time the meter is disconnected. Balance of deposit, if any, remains to customer's credit. (Ord. 90, 8-17-1988)
      3.   Termination Of Service; Hearing: Prior to terminating service for nonpayment of amounts due, the Town will give written notice to the consumer and provide an opportunity for a hearing for such consumer with a Town officer, as designated by the Town Council. (1986 Code § 16-5-3B)
      4.   Reconnection: Reconnection charge, payable in addition to a new deposit, shall be set by resolution of the Town Council. (Ord. 90, 8-17-1988)
   D.   Incorrect Bill: Any consumer may present a claim to the Town if he believes that he may have received an incorrect water bill. Such claim shall be presented in person at the Town Hall before such bill becomes delinquent; provided, that the consumer may make a claim following payment of his bill and his payment shall not prejudice his claim. Such claim shall not exempt the consumer from delinquency penalties if he fails to pay his bill on time. (1986 Code § 16-5-4)
   E.   Turning Water On And Off; Charges: A charge shall be made for each turn off and each turn on of water service for reasons other than change of occupancy. The amount of the charge shall be set by resolution of the Town Council. (1986 Code § 16-5-5)
   F.   Commencement And Application Of Charges:
      1.   The Town shall commence service charges for a consumer when the water meter is installed and the connection is made, regardless of whether water is used or not.
      2.   Charges for water service for additional units shall apply even if a unit is unoccupied. (1986 Code § 16-5-6)