A.   Contents: Application for the use of water shall be made in person, at the Town Hall, to the Billing Clerk by the owner or agent of the property to be benefited, designating the location of the property and stating the purpose for which the water may be required. (1986 Code § 16-2-1; 1997 Code)
   B.   Grounds For Rejection: The Town may reject any application for water service for any good and sufficient reason, including the following: service not available under a standard rate; service which involves excessive service expense; service which may affect the supply to other consumers; service when the applicant is delinquent in payment of bills incurred for service previously supplied at any location. (1986 Code § 16-2-2)
   C.   Violation Of Application Provisions: For violation of any of the provisions relating to application for service, the Town shall, at the expiration of fifteen (15) days after mailing written notice to the last known address of the consumer and providing an opportunity for a hearing, at its option, remove the meter and discontinue service. Where the meter is thereafter reinstalled, the consumer shall first pay to the Town a reinstallation charge which shall be set by resolution of the Town Council. (1986 Code § 16-2-3)