A.   Motor Vehicle Defined: "Motor vehicle" shall be defined as an automobile or truck, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, boat, trailer or heavy construction or farm vehicles.
   B.   Unlawful: No person shall cause or permit a motor vehicle owned by or registered to him to be parked or displayed upon any property other than his own, or upon property which he is renting or leasing for residential purposes, for the purpose of advertising said vehicle for sale.
   C.   Exceptions:
      1.   This section shall not apply to any person who causes or permits the parking of a motor vehicle owned by him upon property owned by any person licensed by the state for the purpose of carrying on the business of retail sale of such vehicles.
      2.   This section shall not apply to the parking of a single vehicle for sale on a single residential lot, irrespective of vehicle ownership. (Ord. 118, 2-13-1996)