A.   Notice To Owners:
      1.   If the owner of any impounded animal shall be known to the animal control officer and shall reside or have a known place of business in the town, the animal control officer shall notify the owner of such animal personally or by letter through the post office or by notice placed at the residence of the owner within forty eight (48) hours after such animal has been impounded. The notice shall contain a description of the animal and shall state that unless reclaimed, such animal shall be adopted or destroyed at the time and place specified in the notice.
      2.   An animal impounded pursuant to this chapter may be sold at public auction to the highest bidder. Copies of the notice shall be posted at the place of impoundment and at the town hall.
   B.   Report: The animal control officer shall, after impounding any animal, make a report stating the kind of animal and describing it by color or otherwise or by any marks or brands that may be on it, and when it was impounded.
   C.   Conditions And Duration: The animal control officer shall provide for the keeping of all animals impounded by the department in a safe, convenient and comfortable place within or near the town limits and shall feed such animals at least once during every twenty four (24) hours and treat them in a humane manner during the time they are impounded, which shall not be less than seventy two (72) hours, unless sooner claimed by the owner.
   D.   Redemption: If the owner of any animal shall within seventy two (72) hours after such animal has been impounded, apply to the animal control officer and pay the fees and charges established by this chapter, the animal control officer may deliver any such animal to the owner or shall arrange for the owner to pick up the animal from the pound or impound location, unless that animal has been impounded pursuant to section 5-2-11 of this chapter. (Ord. 119, 2-25-1997)