§ 115.11  RECORDS.
   (A)   The village shall keep and maintain on permanent file the survey maps filed by applicants for permits under this chapter and shall keep and maintain a record of abandoned oil and gas wells in the village.
   (B)   The Mayor shall, upon issuing any building permits, determine from the records of the village whether or not an abandoned oil or gas well is located upon the lot or tract of land for which the permit is being issued and, if there is an abandoned well upon the lot or tract, the building permit shall indicate this fact upon its face.
   (C)   No person shall build, erect or place a building or other structure, or any part thereof, over an abandoned well hole, unless the well hole is effectively ventilated by a pipe at least two inches in diameter which shall extend to sufficient height to be above surrounding buildings.
(Ord. 2004-09, passed 5-10-2004)