No permit to drill shall be granted by the village unless the application therefor is accompanied by the following:
   (A)   A permit fee of $100 to be paid to the village;
   (B)   A map made by a licensed surveyor on a scale not smaller than 50 feet to the inch and showing the name and address of the land owner and the well owner or operator, the proposed location of the well, the lots or tracts of land upon which the well is to be drilled and all other lots or tracts within a radius of 200 feet of the proposed well location, the location of the distances to all inhabitable dwellings any portion of which are within the radius, any other oil or gas wells within such radius, and the surveyor’s starting points or corner stones together with the statement of the surveyor that the same is accurate, correct and verified as a true copy;
   (C)   A statement of the names of persons owning inhabited dwellings any portion of which are within a radius of 200 feet of the proposed well;
   (D)   A bond of the applicant to the village with surety approved by the Mayor in an amount not less than $100,000 conditioned as hereinafter provided; and
   (E)   A certificate of insurance coverage by a duly authorized agent of the insurer stating that the applicant has in force insurance, as hereinafter required, and that the insurer will notify the Mayor immediately if the insurance coverage for any reason lapses, is cancelled or otherwise rendered void and of no effect.
(Ord. 2004-09, passed 5-10-2004)