(A)   Sidewalks shall be constructed on existing improved streets at such time as Council shall determine the necessity of sidewalks, or the property owners petition Council for sidewalks. In determining the necessity for sidewalks, Council may consider the following:
      (1)   The use of the street as a connector street as identified by various available maps such as:
         (a)   The Smithville Urban Area Map which identifies principal arterial, minor arterial and collector streets;
         (b)   Village zoning and subdivision maps and plats as filed with the Clerk and maintained on file at the village hall.
      (2)   The streets' proximity to schools, parks, business districts, public and semi-public buildings and other places which attract much pedestrian traffic.
      (3)   The streets' location with relation to existing and potential vehicular and potential vehicular pedestrian traffic.
      (4)   The need to connect areas with existing sidewalks so as to provide safe walkways for pedestrian traffic between various parts of the village.
   (B)   Determination of necessity for construction of new sidewalks, notification of property owners and assessment for costs of construction against abutting property owners shall be in accordance with R.C. §§ 729.01 through 729.05, provided further that no ordinance to proceed with construction of a new sidewalk shall be passed by Council without first conducting a public hearing.
(Ord. 1988-14, passed 6-13-1988)