It is unlawful for any person to:
   A.   Vandalize; Interfere; Obstruct: Wilfully or carelessly break, injure, mar, deface, disturb, or in any way interfere with any buildings, attachments, machinery, apparatus, equipment, fixture, or appurtenance of any Municipal utility or Municipal utility system, or commit any act tending to obstruct or impair the use of any Municipal utility.
   B.   Unpermitted Connections: Make any connection with, opening into, use, or alter in any way any Municipal utility system without first having applied for and received written permission to do so from the City.
   C.   Reconnect Discontinued Service: Turn on or connect a utility when the same has been turned off or disconnected by the City for nonpayment of a bill, or for any other reason, without first having obtained a permit to do so from the City.
   D.   Steal Services: "Jumper" or by any means or device fully or partially circumvent a Municipal utility meter, or to knowingly use or consume unmetered utilities or use the services of any utility system, the use of which the proper billing authorities have no knowledge. (1988 Code § 3.04)