A.   Definition: "Exhibition driving", as used in this section, means to stop, start, accelerate or decelerate a motor vehicle, or to turn such motor vehicle at an unnecessary rate of speed so as to cause tires to squeal, gears to grind, soil to be thrown, engine backfire, fishtailing or skidding, or, as to two (2) wheeled or three (3) wheeled motor vehicles, the front wheel to lose contact with the ground or roadway surface.
   B.   Misdemeanor; Exception: It is a misdemeanor for any person to do any exhibition driving on any street, parking lot, or other public or private property, except when an emergency creates necessity for such operation to prevent injury to persons or damage to property; provided, that this section shall not apply to driving on a racetrack. For purposes of this section, a "racetrack" means any track or premises whereon motorized vehicles, horses, dogs, or other animals or fowl legally compete in a race or timed contest for an audience, the members of which have directly or indirectly paid a consideration for admission. (1988 Code § 6.10)