A.   Weeds Or Grass; Diseased Trees; Water Service Lines: It is the primary responsibility of any owner or occupant of any lot or parcel of land to maintain any weeds or grass growing thereon at a height of not more than six inches (6"); to remove all public health or safety hazards therefrom; to install or repair water service lines thereon; and to treat or remove insect infested or diseased trees thereon.
   B.   Failure To Assume Responsibility; Notice; Lien: If any such owner or occupant fails to assume the primary responsibility described in subsection A of this section, and after notice given by the City Clerk, has not within seven (7) days of such notice complied, the City may cause such work to be done and the expenses thus incurred shall be a lien upon such real estate. The City Clerk shall certify to the County Auditor of Brown County a statement of the amount of the cost incurred by the City. Such amount together with interest shall be entered as a special assessment against such lot or parcel of land and be collected in the same manner as Real Estate Taxes. (1988 Code § 10.31)