A use shall be accessory to a building or premises that is customarily incidental and subordinate to any principal use allowed as an OPEN1 form. Country clubs that are accessory to a golf course shall not be considered accessory under this zoning ordinance. Country clubs are within the BCF4 form.
   (a)   Permitted special. The following accessory uses include additional restrictions for each specific use. A conditional use with standards within §§ 160.605 et seq. (Conditional Use) may be obtained when the standards for a permitted special accessory use cannot be obtained.
      (1)   Crematory and/or funeral establishment.
         A.   Such use is accessory to a cemetery.
         B.   Such use placed beyond 300 feet of any residential district.
         C.   One principal frontage of the premises shall abut on a collector or arterial.
         D.   A neighborhood meeting shall be conducted to address site and building design issues.
   (b)    Accessory off-site parking.
      (1)   The accessory off-site parking must be within 250 feet of the application's principal use.
      (2)   The accessory off-site parking must be no closer than 250 feet to any DD or AD forms.
      (3)   If the off-site parking lot is across an arterial street, a pedestrian safety plan must be approved by the planning director.
(Ord. 9-13, passed 3-19-2013)