A.   Surcharge Amount: There is imposed upon the first one hundred (100) local exchange access lines per telephone customer billing within the town jurisdictional limits, a monthly surcharge of seventy five cents ($0.75). (1993 Code § 3.16.020; amd. 2014 Code)
   B.   Service Supplier: The city of Rawlins shall be the service supplier and provide to the town the 911 system equipment, database installation, maintenance and exchange services within the town 911 service access area.
   C.   Collection Of Surcharge: The local exchange access company shall collect the surcharge imposed in subsection A of this section and remit such to the city of Rawlins on behalf of the town.
   D.   Collection Of Charges: Charges imposed under this chapter and required to be collected by the local exchange access company shall be added to and stated separately in the billings to the service user. (1993 Code § 3.16.020)