A.   Continuation Of Use: Except as provided in this section, the lawful use and location of any building or land existing on the effective date hereof may be continued even though the use or location does not conform to the requirements of this title.
   B.   Repairs And Maintenance: Ordinary repairs and maintenance of a nonconforming building shall be permitted.
   C.   Restoration: A nonconforming building which has been damaged by fire or a calamity other than natural deterioration may be restored to its original condition, provided the work is commenced within one year of the calamity.
   D.   Abandonment: Whenever a nonconforming use has been discontinued for a period of one year, the use shall not thereafter be reestablished; any future use shall be in conformance with the provisions of this title.
   E.   Extensions: A nonconforming use shall not be increased in area, nor shall a building containing a nonconforming use be extended.
   F.   Nonconforming Church: A nonconforming church building (having less front, rear or side yards than otherwise provided in this title) may be enlarged or extended in line with such nonconforming yard or yards. (1993 Code § 17.08.030)