A.   Sprinkling And Nonessential Purposes; Notice:
      1.   The use of water from the town water utility for lawn and garden sprinkling or other nonessential purposes may be prohibited or restricted by resolution of the town council.
      2.   Except as provided in subsection C of this section, the order shall be effective when notice thereof is published at town hall. The town may give notice by other reasonable means to disseminate the restrictions, including mailing notices or distributing notices to the residences. However, the only required notice is publication at town hall. Ignorance of the restrictions after the day of the publication is not a defense to a charge of violating this chapter.
      3.   Upon the publication of the notice, the sprinkling restrictions or prohibitions so prescribed shall take effect and any violator thereof shall be punished as provided in section 1-4-1 of this code. The town shall also post notification of the removal of water restrictions in the same manner as notice is given declaring water restrictions.
   B.   Purposes For Restricting Use Enumerated: The town may adopt, amend, enforce, and remove restrictions upon the use of municipal water by resolution for the purpose of protecting the town's surface and underground water resources and the municipal water system. The restrictions may include, but are not limited to:
      1.   Regulation of the hours, duration, and days when outdoor watering of vegetation is permitted.
      2.   Regulation of the types of outdoor vegetation which may be watered.
      3.   Prohibition of watering outdoor vegetation.
      4.   Prohibition of washing hard surfaced areas.
      5.   Regulating or prohibiting washing vehicles except in businesses open to the public for washing vehicles in self- service or automated bays.
      6.   Requiring signage for irrigation from private wells.
      7.   Regulating or prohibiting watering turf, trees, shrubs, and flowers in public parks, cemeteries, and golf courses.
   C.   Emergency; Immediate Curtailment: In the event of a major fire or other emergency that should require the immediate curtailment of the use of water from the water utility, the mayor or his/her designee shall have the authority to make such restrictions as he/she deems necessary for the protection of the public.
   D.   Effect Of Section: All restrictions adopted by town under this section are effective within the town limits and any property connected to the town's water utility. (Ord. 366, 8-16-2012)