A.   Steps For Filing Lien: Any utility monthly bill, penalty, turn on fee or connection charge remaining unpaid on or after the one hundred twentieth day of the initial billing shall become a lien upon the property benefited by the water services furnished pursuant to said bill upon and only after the following steps have been taken:
      1.   The town shall first give ten (10) days' notice, in writing, to the current occupant (billing party) at their address for utility billing purposes and to the current owner's address of record for county real property tax purposes in the Carbon County treasurer's office for the property in question, of its intent to file a lien against the property, such notice to reasonably describe the property and set forth the amount claimed by the town. The street address shall be sufficient to describe the property in the notice and shall be sufficient address for mailing the notice if the property owner has no utility billing or other address on file with the town. For purposes of this chapter, notice shall be sufficient if deposited in the United States mail, postage prepaid, addressed as hereinabove indicated and shall be complete upon mailing.
      2.   Ten (10) days after the mailing of the notice(s) as provided hereinabove, the town shall file a lien statement properly acknowledged and containing a true legal description of the property and the amount then due to the town in the office of the county clerk and ex officio register of deeds, Carbon County, Wyoming.
      3.   Upon the proper filing of said lien statement, the lien shall be considered a lien on the property for all purposes.
   B.   Foreclosure: Any such lien may thereafter be foreclosed by appropriate action in court or in the manner provided by law for the foreclosure of a mortgage by advertisement and sale as set forth in Wyoming Statutes section 34-4-102 et seq., as amended from time to time. (Ord. 342, 3-18-2004)