A.   Multiple Units: Multiple units as used herein shall include a mobile home court, which is defined as three (3) or more trailer spaces under a single ownership and contiguous to each other, apartment complex, motel, hotel, and related establishments. All multiple units shall be served with a single main line and single service line therefrom with a single water meter measuring the water used by such multiple units. The property owner shall be responsible for the payment of the bill based on the single meter reading and the penalties associated with such bill, if any.
   B.   Single Units: Not more than one single-family dwelling or one commercial unit shall be served from one service line with each such unit having its own meter, except as otherwise provided in subsection A of this section.
   C.   Two Or More Consumers On One Service: Except as provided in subsection A of this section, from and after the effective date hereof, individual service shall be installed for each consumer. In the case of multiple units presently being served by more than one main or one service line, the town shall provide a single tap and meter. The work, including labor and materials, necessary to hook up any multiple unit to a single tap shall be the responsibility of the property owner. In establishing individual service, the town shall tap the water main and bring the water service to the curb stop and install a water meter the same as it would provide in the case of a new tap but no connection charge fee shall be charged to consumers whose service is separated. There will still be a reimbursement charge as provided in section 9-1-8 of this chapter to consumers whose service is separated. (Ord. 342, 3-18-2004)