A.   Monthly Bills: The town council shall have the authority to set monthly water rates and fees by resolution. All such monthly bills shall be due and payable by the property owner or occupant of the property on or before the twentieth day following the billing date. A fee of fifty cents ($0.50) per thirty (30) day period (or any portion of a given 30 day period) of delinquency will be assessed on all monthly water bills which are delinquent after the twentieth day following the billing date.
   B.   Delinquency; Service Discontinuance; Payment Of Charges: Water service may be discontinued after five (5) days' notice in writing mailed to the property's address for billing purposes, and to the current address of record for county real property tax purposes in the Carbon County treasurer's office for the property in question, if a utility bill is delinquent. A turn on fee of ten dollars ($10.00) will be charged if the service is discontinued because of delinquency or any other reason causing discontinuance of service by the town, with the exception of temporary shutoff, and must be paid before service is rendered. All past due utility obligations, including delinquency fees, must also be paid before service is rendered.
   C.   Joint Liability: Both the property owner of record and the billing party provided to the town shall be jointly and severally liable for any and all charges and/or fees related to the delivery of water to any given property.
   D.   Availability And Commodity Charges:
      1.   Availability Charge: The following minimum charges for providing water services, whether or not the property is occupied or water services are in use, shall be assessed monthly:
         a.   Individually Metered Services: Each individually metered single-family residence, mobile home, living unit, apartment, condominium, townhouse, individual commercial establishment, industrial facility or other similar type unit shall pay an availability charge in the amount of seven dollars ($7.00) per meter per month.
         b.   Master Metered Services: Each facility including, but not limited to, mobile home courts, multi-family residential units or commercial and industrial facilities which are divided into separate units or provide for more than one use and are serviced through a master meter shall pay an availability charge in the amount of seven dollars ($7.00) each month per unit or per use.
      2.   Commodity Charge: The rates shall be as attached to ordinance 370 on file in the office of the town clerk- treasurer, and as changed from time to time by the town council by resolution. (Ord. 370, 5-2-2013; amd. 2014 Code)