A.   Council Control: The town council controls, manages and maintains the waterworks system as hereinbefore set forth.
   B.   Public Utilities Commissioner:
      1.   Appointment; Compensation: In the furnishing and maintenance of the water services herein provided, the town council may be represented when it deems it is necessary by a public utilities commissioner who shall be appointed by the mayor, after advice and with consent of the town council, and the public utilities commissioner shall receive such compensation for his services as the council from time to time determines.
      2.   Removal: The public utilities commissioner may be removed from office at the pleasure of the mayor and town council.
      3.   Duties: The commissioner's duties, if appointed, shall be to superintend the installation and maintenance of the water system and he/she shall be required to give a report on his/her activities to the town council at a regular time designated by them. No bill or claim for work done or material furnished to the system of waterworks to the town shall be paid or allowed without first having been audited and approved by the said public utilities commissioner, if appointed, and the town council in all cases. (Ord. 342, 3-18-2004)