A.   Responsibility For Maintenance: All trees and shrubs planted, grown, cultivated, or maintained or permitted to grow on town right of way between any property line and the traveled street adjacent thereto shall be kept, maintained and trimmed by the owner or occupant of the adjacent property so as not to obstruct traffic, interfere with the visibility of traffic or pedestrians, or cause any unsafe condition for vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
   B.   Limiting Visibility: No tree or shrub on private property shall be kept, planted, grown, maintained or permitted to remain in such a condition as to limit the visibility or in any other manner constitute a danger, hazard or public nuisance to pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
   C.   Trimming Above Sidewalk Or Street: The lowest branch of any tree shall not be less than eight feet (8') above the ground where the same extends over a sidewalk. Any trees where limbs or branches extend over the streets, driveways or anyplace where traffic passes beneath shall be trimmed to at least thirteen feet (13') above the surface of the street or alley.
   D.   Removal Of Stumps: All stumps of street trees hence removed shall be removed below the surface of the ground so that the top of the stump shall not project above the surface of the existing ground. (Ord. 359, 1-7-2010)