A.   Manage And Maintain Trees: This chapter provides authority over all trees, shrubs, hedges, and other ornamental plants located within the street rights of way, parks and public places of the town. The public works director or his/her designee shall manage and maintain trees within the town in the following manner:
      1.   Promulgate standards and specifications governing the planting, pruning and removal of trees on the street rights of way, parks, and public areas of the town.
      2.   Require that property owners maintain trees, shrubs, hedges and other ornamental plants on the public right of way abutting their property line so they do not pose a hazard or public nuisance to pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
      3.   During or following an emergency created by man or natural phenomenon, the town may take all necessary steps to remove trees or tree parts or residue that might impede traffic movement or endanger persons or property, without being responsible for continued maintenance or care.
   B.   Regulate Planting, Pruning And Removal: The public works director or his/her designee shall direct the community services department to regulate and control the planting, pruning, and removal of all street and park trees. (Ord. 359, 1-7-2010)