A.   Storage Of Personal Property Or Waste Material: No person shall store, or cause to be stored, any personal property or waste material on any public right of way within the town or cause any obstruction upon any sidewalk or in any alley within the town.
   B.   Responsibility For Cleanliness:
      1.   Persons owning or occupying places of business which face on municipal sidewalks and strips or parkways between streets and sidewalks shall be responsible for keeping those sidewalks and strips free of litter and junk.
      2.   Cleanliness of the alleyways is the responsibility of the contiguous property owners.
   C.   Discarding Of Litter Or Junk: It is unlawful to sweep or push litter or junk from sidewalks and strips or parkways into streets. Sidewalk and strip or parkway sweepings must be picked up and put into household or commercial solid waste containers.
   D.   Building Materials: Rock, stone, brick, concrete, dirt and other building materials or mineral wastes shall not be permitted to accumulate in alleyways or at the curb. Such material must be stored on private property in a safe manner and in such a way as to prevent rodent harborage. (Ord. 357, 2-19-2009, eff. 7-1-2009)