A.   Definition: For the purpose of this section, the term "commercial motor vehicle carrier" shall be deemed to mean any motor vehicle designed or used for the actual transportation of goods or substances for hire.
   B.   Designation: In order to expedite the movement of commercial motor carrier traffic within and through the Town and to eliminate traffic hazards and obstructions resulting from the unrestricted use of the streets of the Town by such motor carriers, the following streets and areas are hereby designated and established as "truck routes" to be used by commercial motor carriers passing through the Town, except when making local collections or deliveries: (Ord. 354, 4-3-2008)
Lincoln Street.
North 3rd Street between Lincoln Avenue and Madison Avenue.
South 9th Street to Union Avenue.
12th Street.
(Ord. 354, 4-3-2008; amd. 2014 Code)