A.   Each building and lot located within the Town shall be assigned a number by the Town Clerk or such other designee as may be appointed by the Board.
   B.   Within sixty (60) days of the assignment or fixing of the appropriate number by the Town Clerk, or other designee, every owner of a building located within the Town boundary shall affix the number either in a neat painted form, attachable prepared numbers, or other suitable form approved by the Board, at a location on or near the front door of the building. Such number shall be attached in such a manner so that the number is clearly visible and readable from the street closest to the front door.
   C.   Those owners of buildings already assigned numbers shall have sixty (60) days from the effective date hereof to comply with this Section.
   D.   Failure to comply with this Section may result in a fine of twenty five dollars ($25.00). Further and in addition to the penalty, the Town may cause the number to be attached to the subject building and assess the owner with the cost and labor of attaching the number. (Ord. 191, 9-7-1994; amd. Res. 95-99, 1-5-1999)