The following sections are hereby revised:
   Section 101.1   Insert “City of Silverton.”
   Section 103.5   Fee Schedule:
         1.   Original Inspection; Notice of Inspection; Re-inspection - No Fee
         2.   Second Notice of Violation (due to failure to comply) & Re-inspection - $35.00
         3.   Third Notice of Violation & each additional Notice of Violation & Re-inspection - $70.00
         4.   Failure to Pay Inspection Fee:
            a.   1st offense - Minor Misdemeanor
            b.   2nd offense - 4th Degree Misdemeanor
   Section 103.6   Insert “The fees for activities and services performed by the department in carrying out its responsibilities under this code shall be covered by separation ordinance.”
   Section 303.15   Insert the dates of “April at until October 1.”
   Section 602.3   Insert the dates of “October 1 until April 15.”
   Section 602.4   Insert the dates of “October 1 until April 15.”
   Section 111.2   All appeals of orders issued under the International Property Maintenance Code shall be heard by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
   Chapter 8, Codes   Building “BOCA National Building Code” for Building Code; and “BOCA National Fire Prevention Code” for Fire Prevention.
(Am. Ord. 09-3287, passed 4-2-09)