§ 150.120  FEE SCHEDULE.
   (A)   The village building permit fees are hereby set to be the same as those adopted by Hamilton County, Ohio.  The village shall keep a copy of the Hamilton County fee structure on hand to be viewed by the public.
   (B)   Administrative fees.
      (1)   Certificate of Occupancy (CO) where required:
         (a)   Buildings and structures regulated by the CABO   $20
         (b)   Buildings and structures regulated by the OBC   $70
      (2)   Certificate of Completion of Permit (CC) for all permits where a CO is not required   $10
      (3)   Certificate of Temporary Occupancy (TCO):
         (a)   Buildings and structures regulated by the CABO   $50
         (b)   Buildings and structures regulated by the OBC   $100
      (4)   Refund of Permit Fee; if granted, shall be in the amount of half the entire permit fee after deducting the Up-Front Fee, Plan Review Fee and the Zoning Certificate Fee.
      (5)   Time Extensions if granted   $50 each
      (6)   Unspecified Permit Fee — for any permit type, not specifically listed in this fee schedule, the fee shall be calculated to the most similar permit type, use group and type of construction to be determined at the discretion of the Building Official.
      (7)   Starting Without a Permit: $100 or double the fee, whichever is greater.
      (8)   Missed Inspection Fee — Failure to schedule “called -for,” inspection before proceeding to cover the work shall result in a Missed Inspection Fee   $50
      (9)   Reinspection Fee — Not Ready and Failed Inspections shall result in a reinspection fee   $50
      (10)   All professional engineering, architectural, planning and related consultant fees incurred by consultant firms under contract with the city concerning examination of plans for residential, industrial or commercial subdivisions or developments or for other buildings as defined in this code shall be paid in full by the applicants/developers. The consulting firms shall invoice the city for all charges incurred as requested and approved by the city; the city shall in turn invoice the applicants/developers for such consultant fees plus a handling charge of 0.5%.
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