(A)   Each permit shall have stated on its face the period of time for which it is valid.  Notwithstanding the statement, an application for a permit for any proposed work shall be deemed to have been abandoned six months after the date of filing, unless the application has been diligently prosecuted or a permit has been issued.  However, for reasonable cause, the Building Inspector may grant not more than two extensions of time for additional periods of six months each.  Any permit shall become invalid if the authorized work remains uninitiated, or is suspended, postponed, or abandoned throughout any six-month period.
   (B)   When a permit has expired by limitation, it may be renewed by the submission of a letter stating reasons, for one six-month renewal period.
   (C)   If a second renewal is desired, another letter stating reasons must be submitted and a $5 fee paid.
('91 Code § 150.033)  (Ord. 2203-1966, passed 2-2-67)